Securities law

KVASIR legal has extensive knowledge of the securities legislation and its implementation. We specialize in this field and advise, among others, financial undertakings, listed companies and investors. Among our service areas in this field are:

-Public offering of securities
-Insider Trading
-Listing of securities on a regulated market
-Licensing of Financial undertakings & Investment companies
-Advice to Issuers of securities (financial instruments)
-Securitization and covered bonds
-Insurance companies
-Pension funds
-Economic crimes

Our experts in business and financial markets law are Hlynur Jónsson and Einar Jónsson.

Finance & Corporate Law

We posess extensive experience in legislation on financial undertakings, securities law, regulated markets, UCITS and insurance services. When advising financial undertakings we draw on our experience as experts at the Financial Supervisory Authority (FME), where we represented the FME at EU level in a number of CESR expert groups. In addition we have participated in domestic legislative committees on financial markets law.